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How long has your perspective contractor been in business?
Is there a history behind the person that is going to be in your home? If they don’t have a well established track record, can you be sure he or she be there to stand behind their warranty? SpringHouse Window & Door has been selling and servicing their customers in the Philadelphia area since 1989.
Does the contractor have a sufficient amount of insurance coverage to protect you and your home?
Don’t assume. Ask for a copy of their and General Liability and workman’s compensation insurance. If and when you use your contractor you the homeowner should be named as the insured. This is provided by the contractor’s insurance agency, and will be issued to you at no cost.
Does your contractor provide enough in depth information about your specific job?
Each job is unique more importantly; this is your home and your family. Is your contractor treating your job as a new, unique project, or as a cookie-cutter job just like the family down the street? Are they taking time to provide you with enough comprehensive information to answer all of your questions and make you feel at ease? Is the contractor avoiding your questions, or trying to hide something?
What warranties are offered by your potential contractor for the labor and the materials that will be used on your job?
Be aware that there are two issues at stake when hiring a contractor, the labor and the merchandise that will be installed in your home. Ask for copies from your material manufacturer. Are they pro-rating your purchase as time goes by? Will they cover any or all of the labor? Will your contractor be there for you if your product isn’t working the way you were told or the way you expected? SpringHouse offers you a five year labor warranty on all their installed projects.
Does the contractor have an actual place of business?
Are they just a number online or in the phonebook? Can you go to their place of business and speak to a person face to face? Here today gone tomorrow businesses is a frightening way to discover your contractor was nothing more than a name. SpringHouse has real showrooms and warehouses, and a comfort feature that real people that care about your problems six days a week will be there for you in all three locations.
Is your contractor subcontracting your job to whoever was cheapest or available that day? Do you have a stranger in your house that is unfamiliar to your contractor? Is that person trained in the products being installed in your home? SpringHouse uses either employees or people that have been associated with SpringHouse for many years. They install for SpringHouse everyday of the week and only the products that SpringHouse Window & Door sell. If your installer is not an employee of SpringHouse they are fully trained, insured and warranted by SpringHouse Window & Door.